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My Husband


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Apr 25, 2015
He doesn't seem to remember anything. I tell him important things and we carry on normal conversations only for him to have no recall a day later. Example I asked him last week if he used the new can opener yet. He said no he didn't then a couple days ago he said he saw the new can opener and didn't know we had it. I was filling our dogs water bottle that we use in her crate. He was with me the day we got it and it leaked and then we read the instructions and we got it working perfectly. Now every time we go out I fill it up and he always asks me why I'm filling it so much. I know he is going to ask me and he does, every time. He is very defensive about it and says how is he supposed to remember something that happened days ago? He refuses to see a doctor. I could go on with examples because this happens ever day He got a new job and seems to be having a hard time grasping the new routine and he always seems angry about it. He just turned 50 and this has been going on a few years and getting worse all the time.
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Jan 14, 2010
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Hello Browniiz. Welcome to TP.
I am sorry to here your concerns for your Husband.

I think it would be a good idea to keep a diary for a short while on what is happening with your husband without your husband knowing.
Then take it to his GP , you could also arrange an appointment to speak to your Husbands GP , give them the diary and tell them your fears.

It is possible the GP may not feel able to discuss your husband with you, it's all down to confidentiality but this doesn't mean they can't listen to you.

You will then have the problem of gretting your Husband to the GP. maybe the GP would be willing to call your Husband in with an excuse of doing a well man check up or similar
During which time they could test his memory and do blood tests for things that can cause your husbands memory problems.

I know this sounds horrible but I had to back off a bit with my dad.
My mum had had dementia. Sometime later I noticed to my horror similar symptoms to your Husband and my mum in my Dad.
Just like your Husband , each time I mentioned his memory etc, dad got defensive , even blamed me for causing his confusion also said that I was the one with the problem.
So I had to take the gently gently approach as he was really digging his heels in, chip by chip I got their though.
Luckily it turned out that my dad was very low in Folic Acid and once treated I got my dad back again :D

Being low in certain things just to mention a few B12, Folic Acid, Thyroid problems can cause dementia like symptoms
As can Depression
I hope it is something easily treated
But your wise to be wary

I am sure others will be along later with support and helpful info
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Grey Lad

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Sep 12, 2014
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Hello Browniiz I think lin1 has offered very sound advice. I was faced with a very similar situation to yours but my OH was older. It is very hard to be patient when you are in situations like yours. I don't think I was! Watching and waiting to see how things go is hard but it may be the best approach at the moment. I think it is all a question of choosing the right time for explorations of your husbands condition, whatever it is, to take place. Good Luck.