My Husband


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Feb 13, 2004
Redruth, Cornwall
My 80-year old husband has been in residential care for just over 2 years. He is fairly immobile and has very little mental awareness, but is physically strong and happy in his home. Last November we discovered a cancerous lump in his breast which has spread to the glands. He is totally unaware of this and it hasn’t yet affected his health. Following 3 months of anastrozole tablets which might reduce the growth, on 9th March he is due to see the surgeon again. We don’t see any change in his lump so it seems likely we may have to decide about mastectomy and removal of glands. He would not undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy so I am worried about the outcome of such an operation.

I would like to make contact with anyone who has experienced a similar situation to help me make the best decision if I have to face this.

Lorna in Cornwall 15.2.04