my husband


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Mar 13, 2008
my husband has alzheimers
my husband john has alzheimers and has been in a care home for two years. now he has had two strokes and is in hospital. i feel so upset and keep crying. he has lost the used of his right leg and arm. the hospital has been very good to him and me. but they have said, that because of his alzheimers. it is making recovery very hard. he now may have to go in a nursing home in a few weeks.he is only 68. it is very hard for me because i have no other family, and live on my own. but i am trying to keep going has i am disabled myself. i go to see him every day in the hospital.

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hello Triss,

I am so sorry your husband`s condition is deteriorating. I can understand how difficult it must be for you, esepcially as he is so young and you have no family.

I am really glad you have found Talking Point [TP] There is friendship and support in abundance for you here. We all know the nature of your suffering, and we support each other by sharing our worries and feelings.

Please stay with TP. I hope it eases your loneliness and feelings of isolation, as much as it has for so many of us.

Take care,
Love xx


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Mar 7, 2004
Dear triss, welcome to TP.

So sorry to read that your husband may now have to go into a nursing home following his two strokes.

Please try not to see this as too much of a downturn. Yes, he may need more in the way of care now, but as long as you can still get to him to visit, you should be able to carry on as you were.

It is so hard to come to terms with this illness, and we can only hope that our loved ones can have the care they need.

Please let us know how you get on.

I do know where you are at, as my partner (66) is in care home, and I am on my own.


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Dear triss, my husband too is in a nursing home, as a result of a severe infection which made him lose his mobility.

I know how lonely it is, and how distressing when all you want is to be able to bring the loved one home.

Keep visiting here on TP, there are lots of psople who know exactly how you feel, and will support you.



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Jul 31, 2007
Dear Triss,
Welcome to Talking Point.
My husband was 58 when he was first diagnoise with AD.
Ten months ago at the age of 61 was placed in an E.M.I. Unit.
I too an disabled and live alone but at the end of the day I know my husband is receiving 24/7 care which I was not able to give and was putting us both at risk.
Best wishes