My husband suffers short term memory loss.

Catherine abc

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Apr 4, 2008
My husband has short term memory loss and has been diagonased:):)
has having alzheimers. He is not allowed to drive anymore and didn't take that well. I have sent away his driving licence to the DVLA and changed the car insurance and brakedown into my name. he is always losing things. he sometimes gets annoyed and throws things.


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Hi Catherine, welcome to TP. I hope you'll find lots of support here.

I care for my husband too, though he has recently gone into a care home. Having to give up driving is always a problem, many of us know how difficult it is.

All the best,


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Nov 20, 2006
Yeah the driving thing is a big issue, Dad doesn't bother about it now, because the police took his keys off him one day - long story- he has always believed it was them that stopped him.

We never bothered sending his licence away, he'll never drive again so what's the point?

Funny though, he actually believes he is driving sometimes when passenger with Mum, but then he believed he'd mowed the lawn the other day when all he did was sit and watch Mum do it!

Sounds like you are at the start of the journey, my only real advice is don't be too proud to ask for help and take what's offered!

best wishes


Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hello Catherine.

I think you`ll find everyone on Talking Point [TP] will have a tale to tell about driving. Driving and financial control seem to be the two most important representations of independence, and neither are given up without a fight.

There can be some flexibility with taking over finance, but not with driving. There is no second chance once an accident has occured.

Sadly it is impossible to reason with most dementia sufferers, especially regarding their inability to drive safely, so we as carers, have to make the decision.

My husband also is always `losing` things. he doesn`t get angry, he gets in a panic which makes it even more difficult for him to find them.

I hope you will feel less alone now you have found TP. You will see that although we are all different, we share so many worries.

Take care xx


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Nov 16, 2007
East Midlands
Hello Catherine,


My husband was told to stop driving 2 years ago..he also has Alzheimers..
He is desperate to drive again..every time we see a doctor he thinks if he tells them is memory is better they will let him's very sad..for him. Very frustrating ..for me!
His mobility is poor now..but he blames that on not being able to drive..because in his mind if he could still drive he would still be playing golf..

He also "misplaces" things..although not so often these days as he doesn't really use anything ..most recently he is obsessed with the film Crocodile Dundee 2...which he swears we had..and I can't my son has bought him the DVD and he'll have that soon..
Eric doesn't get angry..and is not violent in any way..but he can be verbally quite nasty at times.

You'll find a lot of support here..

Love gigi xx

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