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My husband has altzeimers with Louis bodies


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Apr 6, 2020
Hi I'm Rosy and have just joined. I have had a 📛 day, my husband likes to take things apart. To say he unplugged all the electric for TV, router, alarm, phone,
He got all the wires tangled up took me an age to sort, luckily the man from the alarm phoned and talked me through it. He never used 🛷 take things apart , is this a common thing with his condition. 😊😊😊😊


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Unplugging electrical equipment is pretty common. I think it goes back to their childhood when electrics was a bit dodgy and you had to unplug anything that you wernt using!

Mum used to be triggered by seeing the little light on the electrical item that showed it was on standby. You can overcome this by using white card or tape to cover the light up so that it cannot be seen.


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Sep 27, 2019
As canary says it seems to be quite common. My mum is an unplugger turner offer too. She had a tendency to keep switching the advance button on the central heating as she thought there must be a switch to turn it on and off even though its programmed and she usually just turns it up and down with temperature dial on opposite wall and there's not need to turn it on and off. As suggested I stuck some paper over the buttons so she can't see them with a note wrote on telling her to use dial on other wall.
She kept unplugging the phone charging base and her careline button receiver and after numerous reminders and an episode when she unplugged them both at bedtime and the next day I couldn't get through to her on phone and rushed through panicking to find her ok but both plugs unplugged. We had to get careline company out to reset timings on box because it had been unplugged so long. After that I stuck a note above the plugs saying Phone plugs do not unplug these two plugs. Mind you now she now thinks the careline receiver box is a device my dad put on so she doesn't have to pay for her phone calls so she now keeps telling me to take it off and she'll pay the phone bill.
She always unplugs the tv and dvd player which are on an extension socket which she also unplugs each night and occassionaly has tried to unplug the aerial too. She can get in quite a mix up when trying to plug tv in next day and has often plugged the extension socket into itself and all sorts of other combinations.
The fridge/freezer and washer plugs are behind them so out of sight and her bedside lamp is also tucked away at side of bedside table. She unplugs more or less everything else she can see and doesn't like to go to bed with any plugs in. A couple of times when I stayed with her I was charging my mobile when she went to bed and I promised I would unplug it when it had done before going to sleep but she would keep getting up asking about it until I unplugged it.
As suggested covering standby buttons, or note saying do not unplug can work but then not always. Good luck x


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Mar 15, 2020
did he do electrical when he worked? it just that i knew someone who worked on the coaches and would worry where all the passengers had gone and they needed to set off again. they used a 24 hr clock as well so was confused by a normal clock