my holiday


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Dec 5, 2005
Hi To all

Not been on for over a month as have been to New Zealand to see my daughter.

Had a wonderful time although Win was not so good while we were there. She went to the same home as she had been to before but things didn't work out. When my sister and brother visited she was sadly neglected. Food not given to her just left for hours near to her and not helped, wet and soiled pads and generally unkempt. When they complained said they were short of staff which is no excuse. Any way after a week or so they decided to move her to the other home on the site owned by the same people but not for dementia cases,

Since she has been there she is much improved, being fed, has a key worker who looks after her, and is changed regularly and not allowed to sit in dirty clothes.

We are so happy with it now that we have decided that she will live there. I think I have done as much as I can and now is the time to let her go. Stairs were brecoming impossible at our home and I was beginning to feel very tied down. i had looked after her for 18 months but now is the time for me to have my life back. i am only 10 mins by car away so I can visit easily and of course keep my eye on what is going on.

It is a hard decision but I think for the best

Love to you all



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Mar 7, 2004
Pam, knowing of the love and care you have given your sister in the past, I feel sure that you have put a lot of thought to your decision.

You have been so strong, and as you say, you are only 10 mmins away.
Glad that things are coming together for you, and I am sure that you have made a good decision at the right time.

Look after yourself, as well as your dear sister, and stay positive.
Love 'n hugs,