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My grandmother has aggresive conversations with herself


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Sep 16, 2021
My grandma memory started going about 12 yrs ago, very slowly. Started with forgetting little things for years. Misplacing things but nothing major. It wasn't until about 6 years ago when she needed round the clock care. The last few years she has had conversations with herself. Which I know is normal for alzheimers/dementia. However alot of the time while she is talking she will have part of the convo of her talking for herself and the other half of the convo is her talking for someone else in the conversation. When she does this she will put her hand over her mouth when. She talks for the "other person". It not even just that she has these conversations but the aggression round the clock is pretty bad. She is angry and yelling at herself during these convos as well as at family members when we talk with her or engage with her at all. She also has hallucinations all day long. She thinks she seems ppl that aren't there and scenarios that aren't real. (Which I understand is part of alzheimers but is it all the time like this) It's like she would rather talk to herself than anyone else. Like she lives in her own little world. Has anyone else experienced anything similar with loved ones or cared for anyone with similar experiences?

EDIT- I want to add that when I say aggression I mean she yells, name calls, scratches tries to hit kick or hurt us, even yells racial slurs. When she has convos with herself she will sometimes talk for the other person and sometimes she doesn't. She usually makes up things while she is arguing with herself all day long. Saying things like I've been a police officer for 20 years and I'll put you in jail or just silly type of made up things. Not sure if this is normal for dementia patients or not. Just trying to explain how she acts in more details. She was a very strong independent woman in her prime but very kind and loving. She cared and loved all those she came in contact with. Completely opposite to her anger now. It breaks my heart seeing her so upset and angry all day everyday. Imagine living in such anger and upset all day everyday inside your head.
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Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hello @Dementia101. Welcome

Your grandmother sounds very confused and unhappy and I suggest you contact her doctor and ask for a referral to the Mental Health Team.

This link may help you

And this



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Sep 16, 2021
She had anxiety issues her whole life and has a whole leam of Dr's, including a geriatric psychiatrist (which is a psychiatrist that specializes with the elderly and denlmentia patients. They have her on a mood stabilizer. When they increased her mood stabilizer from half to a full pill a day her aggression actually got worse and they took her back down to a half pill a day.

These are all things brought up to her Dr and psychiatrist. I was just curious if any one else has experienced this with a loved one with dementia. She is in the later stages and the Dr's have let us know aggression is typical at this stage. Just I guess looking for reassurance of others who have similar situations. But I thank you for your input and responding to my question.

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