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My Granddad is displaying signs of dementia


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Jun 8, 2015
My granddad turned 89 in April. He has had some recent health problems including a heart attack, from which he fully recovered, and a nasty water infection which left him confused but he seemed fine when he left hospital with a permanent catheter fitted.

Recently he has become quite confused and has been making accusations that my mother has stolen from him, these accusations are completely untrue. My mother who is in her 60s would go and help my granddad, put out his meds, help with housework and take him shopping
she did this until recently when she gave him back his spare keys after he phoned her to accuse her of stealing money from his flat.

Even though my mother handed back the keys to my granddad and has not been in his home since, he persists with the accusations. This evening my granddad has phoned the house phone and accused my father of having an affair with his ex wife, which is also untrue.

We have tried to get him to the doctors to get a diagnosis but hebrefuses to go. Today he had a visit from a social worker to assess his ability to live at home and he has an appointment soon with the memory clinic.

After my father received the call tonight I called 111, as my granddad seemed quite distressed and was threatening violence against my dad, but they were unable to do an assessment with me not being with him.

I am unsure of what support my family can get and how to help diagnose someone who doesn't want to be diagnosed and understand if making threats and accusations like this is are common symptoms of dementia?



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Jul 14, 2006
Hello and welcome to Talking Point.

Your grandfather's accusations are a very common form of behaviour from many people living with dementia.

Get in touch with the Social Worker who came to see your Grandfather and let them know how difficult your Grandfather is becoming and ask what help will be made available to him as he lives alone. It might be that you have to wait for the memory clinic appointment but let the Social worker know you feel your grandfather is at risk and is very vulnerable.

Hopefully help is not too long in coming.