My first post!


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Jun 22, 2005
N Wales
My first message. My mum is 82 & was diagnosed with AD in December 2001
Dad looked after her until he died suddenly in June 2002
I'm out at work all day but we manage ok & of course I'm there at the weekend
She doesn't want any carers to visit...they did visit a few times in the past
but stopped coming because she got agitatated with them
The community psychiatric nurse visits once a month & must think things are
reasonably ok as he has never said anything to the contrary
I recognise a lot of mum in what I've read on the site so far
Best wishes to you all.


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Jul 9, 2003
South Coast

Hello asaltydog

Just wanted to say welcome to this forum, and I am sure you will find a lot of advice and support here - not to mention that if you just want to sound off about things there are loads of people here who will understand completely, having been through the same stuff themselves.

Is there any chance that you can have a talk with the CPN without your mother being present? It is amazing how people with AD can cover up when they are with people they don't know too well and present a facade which is far from the reality of the situation as far as the carer is concerned. This means that you either don't get the help needed, or you get help that is inappropriate and doesn't work.

Your mum is entitled to a Care Assessment and you (as the main carer) are entitled to a Carer's Assessment. You could start by asking the CPN for this, but Social Services carry it out, or they did in our case. The Alzheimer's Society Fact Sheets are full of good information, and there is a Helpline for individual advice.

Sorry, just meant to say hello, but as usual I've run on a bit! I'm sure there will be other replies before long!

Best wishes

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Oct 23, 2003
West Sussex
Hi alsatydog, sorry to hear about your Mum and the loss of your Dad. It sounds like things have been pretty tough for you all lately. Hope you find this site helpful. My own Mum coped for several years in her own home, gradually I got to going in more and more, then it eventually came to a head when she could no longer cope. If she is having a visit by a CPN regularly and you visit often, hopefully she can continue as she is for a while. I am sure you will pick up on when things get too much for her as I did with my Mum. Love She. XX


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Dec 11, 2003
Tully, Qld, Australia
Dear Salty,

Welcome to TP.

Glad to know that things are relatively okay thus far. Might be a good time to get the ball rolling for the future with regard to ongoing care.

Good luck.