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My Dad


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Nov 2, 2015
Hi everyone,
I am new to this so please bear with me. My Dad has Alzheimers and still lives at home with my Mum. He is 81 and she is 78, he has recently had a memory test and the results showed a very quick decline in the last nine months since the last one. My mum is coping at the moment and my brother and I do as much as we can although we both still have to work full time. My Dad's obsession is with the car, he can obviously no longer drive but is constantly fretting about MOT, car insurance etc. My Mum has tried all different approaches eg: a list with dates when things are due, verbally explaining with and without getting frustrated herself, but all to no avail. I know there is probably nothing we can do, but I feel better for writing this. My Dad still knows who we are but I see him slipping away from us this makes me so sad and angry that such a cruel disease exists.


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Jan 3, 2015
I know this feeling. Dad has to go for an operation for skin cancer on Wednesday, so Saturday morning at 2-30 am he's showering and shaving, and even making a packed lunch ready to go to hospital, but we couldn't convince him it's not till Wednesday.

We have a calendar on the wall which lists doctors appointments etc, but often falls asleep in the chair in the evenings and wakes thinking it's the morning, and even though he's been to the doctors that morning, he can't remember, so goes off to get ready for the appointment. I've even driven him to the doctors to show him it's night time and the doctors are closed.

Sometimes I can talk to him, to explain it's his illness playing him up, and that it's like I'm telling him black is white.