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My Dad


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Aug 17, 2014
Hi everyone, my Mom has Alzheimers and my Dad has just been referred to the memory clinic - Help!!!:(
Sorry - I think I've used the wrong forum
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Jul 14, 2006

Hello Ladyinblack and welcome to Talking Point. So sorry to hear that your Dad might well be diagnosed with dementia along with your Mother. There will be lots of support, advice and friendship offered to you on this forum by all the members who know exactely how you are feeling.

Now you have introduced yourself you may want to put future posts under the heading I care for a person with dementia. I have put the link at the top of this post. It is where you will find most members read and post but of course you are free to post wherever you feel most comfortable.

Look forward to you joining us and taking advantage of all the help you can find here.