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My dad with dementia

Sep 11, 2020
In late 2017, My dad got diagnosed with Dementia(with what type, I do not know. All I know is he drinks Donepezil 10mg), and during the lockdown, and up until now, it's getting worse. He is also an alcoholic which is not helping and doesn't drink his medication because he said it just makes him worse. I do not live with him but I see him three times a week as I help him with his small business. He lives with his partner

Last month was too much, he went missing for more than 12 hours and only to find out that he was in the hospital because he hit his head on a pavement and lost consciousness and was drunk too. A week after that, he went missing again but good thing we enabled the location tracker on his phone so we found out that he was in prison because he was caught drinking inside a car. This might be a traumatic event for him but this made him stop drinking and not driving because he needs to get a fit to drive on DVLA. so we required to see a specialist that would say he is still fit to drive but in my opinion, he is no longer fit to drive.

He is so desperate to drive again so he booked an appointment with a private GP as a second opinion but got upset because he didn't hear what he wanted to hear and he got referred to a Psychiatrist.

The only issue we are having is that he is in denial and very secretive. He doesn't let us come with him with appointments so I do not know how to get all information needed to help him.

I was able to convince him to go with me to his other Psychiatrist appointment this coming November and I am sure he will not like what he will hear. We are going to this clinic: re:cognition health and do you think they are a good one? I am open for suggestions

I am here to get advice on how to cope with this. It is so tricky and I am trying my best to be patient but it is hard to explain and make him understand and maybe on this forum I can better understand how to interact with him


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Oct 23, 2020
I really feel for you demensia and drinking most be a nightmare .My mum was an alcoholic when she was younger and that on it own was a nightmare .
To be honest though she doesn't drink now but I think dealing with her demensia is tougher.
I don't know how you deal with it ,but good on you for trying ,some of my family have turned their back on my mum because she is hard work ,I know it doesn't help much but you are doing your best always remember that .
I hope you find the right help x