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My Dad vascular dementia getting worse?


New member
May 15, 2019
I don’t know how to start so please bare with me, my dad was diagnosed with vascular dementia 3 1/2 years ago however I believe dad has has this a lot longer. The past couple of weeks have been getting worse regarding confusion. Dad does have a social worker and carers coming in twice a day to give him his medication, my sister and I give dads mid day medication... he has been refusing to have a shower, I understand not feeling at yourself and not wanting a shower as I suffer from clinical deep depression along with a mountain of other things as does my sister. This past couple of days, well yesterday my dad rang me, he didn’t know where he was, what day it was or what time it was or where family members where... god love him, he was in such a panic so myself and my husband drove out to him and reassured dad that he was ok and wasn’t on his own (dad lives on his own, my mum passed almost 15 years ago) we sat with dad for a couple of hours and once dad was settled, we came home, this morning I had missed calls from my dad so when I finally got him on the phone, he said, people had been in his bungalow and got his money and threw all the notes on the living room floor.... no one was in dads, obviously he’d got up at some stage and took his money out and done this? Dad has been going away back in years, maybe 30/40 years and talking about relations that are no longer here... the past few days dad has been saying he needs to go to the doctor and I ask him why, he keeps telling me, his dementia is getting worse and it is, we know this but I was talking to my dad earlier and he said if he had been drinking and out, he would swear he had been spiked! Dad wasn’t out and wasn’t drinking, is this a new stage to this horrible dementia? Dad also said today that no matter what he eats or drinks, everything tastes sugary? Thank you all in advance for your help x

nae sporran

Volunteer Host
Oct 29, 2014
Sorry your dad has deteriorated so quickly, KPD. My partner has vascular dementia and the two biggest triggers are a UTI which can have such a sudden impact though not so far in exactly the way your dad has had, or any kind of illness which can trigger a change, and a TIA or mini stroke. If it persists then the best thing to do is to call the out of hours doctor or 111 for someone to check him over. They never, in my experience so far, complain if it turns out not to be caused by any kind of infection.
I have more mild depression and anxiety, so can sympathise to some degree with your struggles while trying to be a carer too.