My Dad update


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Jan 27, 2008
Many thanks to all of you who replied to my posting.It is of great comfort to be able to share my problems.I have spoken to the specialist who was indeed very helpful.Things do seem to have settled a little bit and as my parents are going to syat with my brother and family next week in London we have decided not to introduce any other medications until we next see doctor on 14th Feb.Sometimes changing his environment can break the pattern. He will be confused about where he is but probably not worrying about going home.We l see. It will be very good for mum to have a change and some support.Apparantly sometimes these problems can go after some weeks,no doubt to be followed by others.It is such a strange and distressing disease.I have also made an appointment for them to have a social service assessment on 15th Feb so we will be able to find out what sort of help is available there.The problem is that dad is likely to become distressed about the whols thing because he is not accepting of there being a problem at all. Do many of you find that the person is in denial. I m not sure he can any longer comprehend that there is anything wrong which I find quite strange for a very intelligent man.Mum and I have to be very sneaky about everything we do.He is becoming very fond of music,particularly the three tenors!!!He likes to play it quite loud!! Is this something others have found.I spent a nice couple of hours with him yesterday while mum went out.We actually had some good converstaions although he did keep saying that he didnt know whose house he was in(it was his own).I found if I just agreed and changed the subject he seemed ok.
Anyway many thaks again.
To the lady who also lives in Leicestershire,we go name of hospital and doctor deleted by moderatorwho is very nice. My parents live in Loughborough and I live nearby. Do you go to any carer support groups? I went last week to John storer house and am intending to get mum along there next time as I think that would help her.
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