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anne f

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Sep 16, 2003
I was wondering whether any one else had come across this..

My dad's ability to express himself has been deteriorating for some time. In recent months he has taken to mimicing other people's voices - he seems to pick up on turns of phrase that people repeat a lot (often without realising it, until they hear my dad copying them) or unusual accents. He's actually pretty good at getting it just right and gets a real kick out of it. There's always a risk that people can take offence (particularly strangers), which I think he particularly enjoys. Its great to see his sense of humour is still intact but I'm curious to find out why and how he has developed this trait. It wouldn't have been something he'd have done before - at least not out loud. I suspect that it may be connected to a general loss of social inhibitions i.e he's not afraid to poke fun at people, no matter who they are. Its also fascinates me that he is able to analyse people's speech patterns.. I guess its a constant reminder that we should always try to involve him in our conversation even if it appears that he doesn't understand what we are saying.

If anyone else has experienced this I'd be interested in hearing from you.

best wishes


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Dec 11, 2003
Tully, Qld, Australia

Dear Anne, Your father sounds wonderful! My father doesn't actually do this, but his sense of satire has increased incredibly recently. He has developed his already keen sense of humour to parody and change words.

A silly example - Last week I suggested that we could watch a BBC documentary on Dylan Thomas. He understood perfectly, but replied 'Ealing Common, why would you want to watch that, there aren't any poets there!'
Sometimes he is quite amazing...!

It can be so depressing looking after the oldies, knowing how smart and intelligent they were before. But sometimes, they come out with some absolutely wonderful comments. These are the times I'd like to share, rather than the down times, although they are really important too.

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