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My Dad, Spain, Dementia and Mentis


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May 7, 2010
Hi everyone

I came here a few months (or was it a year, or was it two years) ago to find information whilst supporting my elderly neighbours.

It is with horror that I'm back again with questions regarding my own lovely Dad. We've known for a while that he was struggling with his short term memory but as my parents live in Spain, it's difficult for us to help in any practical way. There's no way they would come back to the UK, Dad tells Mum on a daily basis that he loves it out there and is so glad they came.

Mum has been coping really well, she's very pragmatic and they absolutely adore one another, so I'm not worried about that really.

They have a friend in the caring profession who they could call on should things get too much and Mum has already recognised that she will need practical help down the line.

They went to the doctors yesterday, Dad was unable to answer any of the questions apart from his date of birth. He had no idea of his age, the date, the day etc. I believe that he is suffering from mild cognitive impairment and they have prescribed him with Mentis, (pirisudanol) but I'm unable to find much information on this drug.

I have read that Mentis is not prescribed in many countries, just wondering if anyone has any idea why?

The only good thing is that Dad is pretty up beat about the whole thing, well he's not down/depressed about it. He told Mum that "he can't bl***y remember and he's not going to bl***y well try!"

Thank you very much for taking the time to listen, thank you very much for being here and being so supportive. I'm so glad that you are here and I can come in and ask the questions.

I'll probably be back with more very soon, it's just well, it's my Dad and I can't bare it very much.