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My Dad has Parkinson's and Dementia lewy body


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Jun 29, 2022
Hi All,

The last week has been horrendous really. My Dad (67) was extremely active, running/cycling etc and had a long career in both the Army and the Police. About 6 months ago he began to experience a loss of control of his legs when walking - would basically flop about and this escalated into some falls.

They said fairly early on it's probably Parkinson's. Annoyingly and sadly, the appointments took so long to come through and a full diagnosis has still not been given meaning they did not prescribe any medication over that period.

About 10 days ago he fell again at home with his wife. Taken into hospital and they believe he had a Stroke, and also has Dementia. They mentioned Parkinson's Lewy Body Dementia.

He lives about 70 miles from me and due to work I've only managed to see him 3 times.

What has shocked and saddened me the most is that the Dementia seemed to have come on almost overnight... A few months ago he was up at my house visiting. A month ago he was texting me (was a bit confusing messages) but still aware to some degree. Now he's going to have to go into a care home.

When I visit in hospital if he's just woken up after a short sleep he's not too bad and I can ask him direct questions about his life and himself and get answers. However, the more tired he gets the less sense he makes. I have helped shower him, shaved him, helped him go to the toilet in the last week.

Last night he called me asking "Can you bring the car round and we can go into town" - it was 11pm. I said to him "Dad you're in <town> hospital". He said "No I'm not, I'm in Dublin".

I have started to record some conversations with him about his past, time in the military, the experiences he had etc. I just want to get as much of that on record as I can.

I just didn't see this coming, it wasn't even a possibility 10 days ago in my eyes, it was "just Parkinson's" (not underplaying it). I just thought it was a physical issue and that the medication available was very good and could address most of the symptoms to some degree.

Now he's about to go into a care home at some point soon. My work have been very good and have signed me off as "dependency leave" so I can focus on this as I just can't concentrate properly or sleep. I've stopped exercising, I eat rubbish now. I am always tired. If I do anything positive like a walk I just feel guilty as he is stuck miles away from me staring into space by himself.

Anyway, that's it.

Thanks for listening


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Jun 29, 2022
Oh and a final thing that I'm struggling with is I saw some things saying that walking, dancing, painting is all good for those with Dementia. The issue is my Dad can't really use his legs anymore, he keeps thinking he can stand but if he tries he collapses.

So the quality of life he has now is pretty poor 😢


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Aug 31, 2003
Welcome to the forum @redrabbit29. I'm so sorry to read about your dad. It must be so hard for you all.

I'm glad you found this forum as I know you will receive the best of understanding and support here. I wondered if this link would be of any help to you. It includes a link to the Parkinson's UK website too.

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