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My dad can't go to the toilet

Just Jane

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Jun 29, 2020
Hi there,

My dad for the past 3 weeks been having problems with urinating, he been passing blood in his pee, he is on a catheter at the moment, he had a CT Scan yesterday. Is this problem with urinating like the one my dad is struggling with part of his Dementia.


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
My OH has a catheter due to urine retention, but it is not a usual symptom of dementia. Last year he was passing blood in his urine and was in hospital while they investigated the cause - he also had a scan. In his case the scan was negative and it was thought to be due to a urine infection. He had several bladder washouts and this sorted out the problem.

Obviously, there are other causes too, so I think you will have to see what the scan shows and then have a chat with the doctor.


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Sep 9, 2018
Mid Lincs
My OH has a catheter because he too retains urine but I believe it's down to an enlarged prostrate because if he misses a tablet his output is definitely reduced the following day. He also passes a few small blood clots, usually when he's getting a UTI.