Mum's pills...


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Aug 18, 2006
Arrrrggghhh this keeps on happening, I checked her pills again and she has several aricept that hae not been taken although all the right boxes have been opened on her dosette box, just two aricept put back in the open pouches. I have taken her pills away form her now amongst protests but what else can we do.
I'm not feeling good today after yesterday revelation about her mmse scores, and I am feeling more and more that I will have to give up and put her in residntial care at some point. I KNOW I have to use more respite, and I'm even thinking that when we go away in Ocitber I might just leave her in respite for two weeks. But the more I thinnk these things the more guilty I feel, I hate this disease and I hate the guilt monster too. Socila worker was due five minutes ago, house is a mess and so am I, she will see it how it is today.
Moan over....