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Mum's last night , a poem.


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Sep 14, 2006
East sussex
Hello everybody,
It's been nearly 8 weeks since my mum passed away and one evening I just got an overwhelming urge to write a poem:

The air that we shared.

We watched you mum all through the night
And we watched you fight with all your might,
We stroked your face as the battle raged
And we stroked your brow and watched you age,
And in the still of night when all was calm
We spoke in hushed tones until the next alarm.
We heard late night revellers on their way home from the pub
Full of good times and there’s the rub…….
For they didn’t know that up through that window
Sat anxious, sad people, too scared to let go,
A life ebbing away, too sad to explain,
Mixed up emotions and so much pain.

It grew colder late on it must have been around three,
We were both shattered but were too scared to sleep,
Morning came and we had to go home
But not before telling you that you had to hold on,
“Just hold on a little while whilst we do what we have to,
We’ll be back again soon to be with you”
We both headed off to do what we needed but I took longer as usual,
Well I am a mother impeded!
With tearful eyes, I went about my chores,
But I felt calm, That you would hold on a little more.
When I got back, Paul was already there,
Looking brighter and fresher so I pulled up a chair.

Your colour had changed, death was nearer now,
In the space of three hours, this had come about.
We stroked your face and held your hand,
The very same hand that had kept us safe,
What happened next, I’ll never forget,
You slipped away, taking your very last breath.
The very same air that keeps us living and breathing,
You took your last, your life was leaving.
We shared the same air mum but we continue,
We miss you mum and we always will……

I'm not a poet obviously but I really felt the need to write about that last night we shared.

Take care everyone,


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Jul 31, 2007
Thank you for sharing such a beautiful but very sad poem about your Mum.

She is now at peace with the Angels but her love will live on inside your heart.

God Bless


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Apr 15, 2007
Dear LittleL,

You didn't need to be a poet that was really beautiful and right from your heart.

Love & Take Care,


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Sep 27, 2006
.....and took me back to the evening my dad died. God bless him. I still miss him and it's been eleven years now. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful, truthful poem with us.


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