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Mum's Getting Worse


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Oct 20, 2004

The nurse was out seeing Mum last week, I wasn't there because I work. Dad has kept me informed.

It seems Mum did really badly in the wee test, I was really down for the rest of the week (and continue to be). The nurse pointed to her (own) watch and asked Mum what it was, Mum then pointed to hers and said 'one of them'. She couldn't write a sentence, remember her address or telephone number.

Mum can talk, she just doesn't say much.

I try to be positive but am ashamed to say that I wallowed a bit! Dad has Mum all the time, I worry so much. I took Mum out on Saturday and Sunday and it really is awful to see her decline.

The strange thing is, the nurse suggested reducing the Aricept dosage. She thought this would help. Dad didn't agree. The doctor did phone Dad to say this wouldn't be happening at the moment and instead has put her back onto citalopram (a happy pill of some sort which increases ceratonin to the brain). She got them on Saturday. Nurse is back out next week.

I feel awful for 'wallowing' so much in the last week, it's not like I have to look after Mum 24/7 the way a lot of you do (I don't even know how to praise you all without sounding trite). It's just so heartbreaking again. When you think you can't feel any worse, AD jumps up and kicks you in the butt once again.

Sorry peeps, just a moan to get things off my chest.

Take care,



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Mar 7, 2004
Hi Mandy, moan away if it helps.

It must be just as upsetting for you, even with your dad as mum's main carer.
Try to stay positive for dad, and them come on TP for us to support you.
Sending you a hug.



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Oct 21, 2006
Hi Mandy,

Im a new member to TP and have been browsing some of the comments and messages on the pages and just wanted to write to say I can totally relate to how you are feeling. Im 25 years old and my mum was diagnosed (aged 61) in the last few months. I don't live with mum and dad but live reasonably close (about 45 min away) and it is so so difficult. My poor dad is being so strong and cares for mum 24/7. I feel bad for feeling so sad when im not even there half of the time and it is my dad carrying the biggest burden but I can't help feeling so low about it all. There are times throughout the day when I forget about things with work and friends etc. and the relief is nice but then I feel immensely guilty because I know my dad doesnt get breaks like these. I know how you feel when you say about realising how much your mum has deteriorated. When you are not around them all the time you really notice the changes each time you go home. Theres not really much to say other than I can understand your feelings and it helps to know others feel the same. Im thinking of you and sending you my best wishes. Ive only just discovered this site but I really feel like it is going to be my lifeline. Take care x x x

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