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Feb 9, 2008
mum can out of hospital tussday had to pick tablets from cemist yesterday afternoon took them round to dad after when i got there i thought i would pop in for a min just to see if she was ok i was unbleiveable that he told me to go away and shooing me off as if i was some dog and slaming the door on me i just cannot get my head round why he did it, but on the other hand he lets my other sister in, is my dad lossing is marbels as well, as he has allready cut one of my other sister out!

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Oh dream how awful for you. Something must have happened.

I can only suggest you let things lie for a while then ask your other sister to try to find out what`s wrong.

Love xx


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Feb 17, 2006
I hope you don't mind, but I look back on your post .

has it got anything to do with this ?

my mum has alzheimers very bad and my dad is her full time carer. he is going away for a fortnight at end of month. i have 3 sisters and i have made an appointment to see the warden about some care while he is away that is when the probles sterted one does not want to go and one of them sisters is wavering as they said they do not wish to go behide dads back,
As you did talk to the warden as I read it in another post of yours . so I am wondering if your father found out ? so this is his reaction to it, as in still holding it against you
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Mar 27, 2008
Hi Dream

That is awful. Someone wanted you to pick up the prescription and I presume that was your dad? Perhaps you could consider getting the support from your other sisters and you all showing a united front!

Love Helen


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Apr 15, 2007
Hello Dream,

I think that your dad is very stressed with your mum's situation and probably feels insecure threatened and panic has now come into it. I can understand your concerns and hurt by his actions and you may have to rely on your sister to see if she can shed some light on the problem.

I hope it all can be sorted out. Love Taffy.