Mum won't eat or drink

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  1. EliciasNan

    EliciasNan New member

    Nov 4, 2017
    I'm wondering if anyone could give me some advice please...My mum has had 2 heart attacks in the past six weeks, both times she was admitted to hospital and discharged back home because basically they can't treat her, she is 91 and has vascular dementia due to TIAs , plus a triple heart bypass 20 years ago. So that's it. My mum crawls up the stairs on her hands and knees and comes down on her bottom. She point blank refuses to use her commode in her lounge and point blank refuses to have her bed brought down into the lounge. She will not eat or drink any more than a mouthful of two of food and a few sips of tea, juice, squash or lemonade. We have, along with her carers, tried different foods, different colour cups, plates, you name it we've tried it. She is no longer safe in her own home in my opinion as she refuses to wash, change clothes , eat, move or do anything. Social Services have been informed. My mum wants to go into a home , so she says, so I think now that is what will happen as it is in her best interests as I can't ensure her needs are being met at home as she will not let us help her. So every day I worry that I'm going to get a phone call from the care agency to say something has happened to her at home. I'm so stressed i can't sleep. Just don't know what to do to help her anymore...!!!
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    Nov 6, 2008
    Hi @EliciasNan
    I would suggest that you chase SS and get a needs assessment ASAP
    You need to play on the fact she is a vulnerable adult very much at risk

    Sometimes SS are slow so don’t be worried about chasing them, emails maybe a good contact point as they leave a trail that can be followed
  3. EliciasNan

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    Nov 4, 2017
    Brilliant,thank you nellbelles!! Just remembered i have sent an email to Mum's social worker months ago.....I'll dig her e-mail address out and send her an email today....!!!

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