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Mum with dementia and moving house


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Mar 7, 2022
My mum was recently diagnosed with PCA, a rare form of dementia, but we feel she's probably in the mid stages and my parents need to make some changes to adapt to this. They have two options right now: build an extension on their house to create a downstairs bedroom and bathroom which will be easier in the longer-term, but will place them a little in debt because they've already paid off their mortgage and need to keep their savings. OR move house to find somewhere more suitable and not necessarily save much money but also not end up in debt.

Does anyone have experience of moving their partner of other family member and how to cope with the risks that come with it being an unfamiliar place? This would be the best option for them financially, but me and my dad are worried about what it will do to my mum to make her leave her familar home and surroundings. Can we expect her to be able to adapt or will she struggle to find her way around both the house and area? Will it make things worse?

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hello @Fl0J0

I relocated with my husband and it caused a lot of confusion for him. It was a long distance move from the north west to the south east. Even though he was familiar with the area he wasn`t familiar with the house and it took a long time for him to settle.

I know it`s not much help but it really could work either way for your mother.