Mum wet herself need Advice please


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Feb 17, 2006
When mum got back from day centre to day ,by the time she got up the stirs she had wet herself a littlie she said & went to the toilet as soon as she in , but later I realized all her trouser where wet & shoes where soaking wet, I just help her take her clothes of & she said she don’t know what happen ,because its never happen before , I have notice in last few days she seem to leaking into her kickers.

I am just wondering what if mum wets her bed at night, I am not concerned about the washing or washing mum , just the small it leave & mum having to Waite till it dry & sleeping on it .where can I find get a plastic mattress ? Or plastic covers, like I saw at my respite home could I not get a hospital bed? I no mum well not want to ware nappy at night, I don’t even want to mention that at the moment , but just want to be prepared just in case she does wet the bed .


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Feb 24, 2006
Is it possible that she could have a UTI (water infection)? I know a few years ago my mum stayed with me for Christmas and she was extremely confused and had lots of accidents. It later transpired that she had a UTI and when that cleared up she was much better. It may be worth having it checked out just in case.

I don't know about the mattress covers but I am sure someone will be able to advise you on that.


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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Margarita,
Slow down a bit; first of all could mum have an infection, or some other physical cause of the 'accidents'.
Secondly during the day, for slight accidents there are incontinence pads, like big sanitary towels, worn "just to keep you a bit fresher mum".
Waterproof covers for mattresses can be bought from large chemists - make you sweat a lot though.
Thirdly if this is going to be an issue talk to the District Nurse, she usually supplies incontinence pads etc free of charge initially; only when you need the heavy duty ones that incontinence team get involved.
Finally, dad managed to keep the bed dry for a long time by toileting mum when he went to bed, and then early in the morning (a bit like you do a toddler when getting them out of night nappies) If you try and go onto incontinence products, there are the type of bed protector we used. Dad got two, so he always had one washed and dry and they worked well. Certainly saved the rest of the bedding and mum was comfortable. (It wasn't this brand, as we got ours locally, so I cannot vouch for this make.)
Love Amy


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May 14, 2006
Mum wet herself-advice

Hi Margherita,
Your Mum might have an urinary infection which may make her want to "go" more frequently. Try getting her to drink extra water or squash and cranberry juice is also very good to keep bacteria at bay. ( A district nurse advised us when my Dad needed a catheter after his stroke). Ask the GP to check if necessary.
Sometimes fastenings on clothes can be awkward for disabled people, maybe pull on trousers would be easier. Poise or Lady Tena pads look like sanitary pads rather than nappies and you could try them for days out if this happens again. Also, I think it is possible to get absorbent pads to put on the bed to soak up any accidents. A waterproof sheet or mattress protector under the bottom sheet would be a safe precaution.
I don't know how old your mother is, but the elderly do have little accidents sometimes and this may be quite unconnected with her dementia. There are exercises and drugs to help with stress incontinence, if the GP refers her to a specialist.
Don't worry too much if this is the first time it has happened. Take care,
Best wishes, Kayla


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Feb 17, 2006
Kayla, noelphobic, Amy thank -you Now why did I not think of that an infection! ?yes should slow down Amy you new what I was thinking,:eek: next stage incontinent thanks for the link Shall ring the doctors or the nurse tomorrow morning & see if I can get an appointment .


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Feb 22, 2006
sort of north east ish
hi margarita

like the others say, don't panic!

but, if it comes to it, I've done some recent research on waterproof bed covers that might be worth sharing. [I'm afraid it's my cystitis prone cat who's prompted this research :( I can't throw her out from sleeping with me, but waiting for the potential accident isn't very conducive to sleep ] Most shops seem to sell waterproof matress protectors and pillow case protectors ........ places like Debenhams, M&S, Roseby's etc. The mattress protectors do tend to make one a little over hot and sweaty in the night, so I've used an underblanket between the matress cover and the sheet ...... I know it means washing the blanket if there's a problem, but at least it doesn't go through to the the matress.

it seems that none of the high street stores sell waterproof duvet or blanket protectors, but you can get those on the net. they seem to come in a variety of prices and I have to admit that I've not got as far as actually buying one. however I've collected the following links:

maybe some of it will be useful.


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Oct 15, 2005
I agree with Wendy,got my mattress cover from Chiltern Mills, cheap and cheerful, I too had an incontinent cat!


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Dec 5, 2005
We have a sheet for the bed called a kylie pad (probably spelt wrong) from district nurse, They are excellent and keep the sheet dry. Easy to wash and dry and save lots of laundry. We were given 2 so can wash one and use one, The pull on pads from Boots are good for day-time more like pants so my sister doesn't seem to mind wearing them.


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Feb 17, 2006
Thank-you all

I told mum last night (wrong move) that she may have a urine infection, she got angry her hands in the air saying I may think of men, but that does not mean I have been with one :eek: mum old fashion in thinking that you only get urine infection from sex .

So this morning I ring the doctor reception & ask for advice in the easy way to get mum a urine test ,mum hear her name being mention :mad: , lady on the phone says all I have to do is pick up a littlie bottle from them take it home get urine from mum & bring it back before 12pm or 5 pm & they send it of .

As I get of the phone I tell mum this, she go of on one, that she not doing it, that she does not want to live with me anymore, I tell her all the positive things I can about it, then I say that’s it I am going to have a shower , then she cram down by the time I get out , so I went to the doctors got bottle & gloves .

Mum says she do it , but she has not been to the toilet all morning:( I ask her if she needs to go ,she says no & is now napping , She doing it on perspires :) sorry for having to share this as I think she would drive me mad & I got to Laugh , smile about it :mad: :) :) , if I never had you lot TP who understand .

am going to Boots for day-time more like pants , as that sounds good pam , Bet if I told mum that she do the urine test more quicker, but better not upset her any more

Michael E

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Apr 14, 2005
Ronda Spain
Margarita hi,

It may not be an infection. Yesterday night Monique had 'visitors' and was chatting away to them until 03.00 and trying to wake me up as it was time for me to go home!! Normally I wake and join in but I was tired and pretended to be asleep... Monique got out of bed and wandered a bit and so I sat up - put on the light - asked here what was up - nothing she said - so I told her where the bed was and she got back in....

Next morning getting dressed I stood in a substantial puddle of ****... got wet feet and headed for the bidet - really adaptible things bidet! Monique had no memory of the problem which has/does occur sometimes chez nous...

Sort of got the feeling it is not actual 'incontinence' but rather an inability to 'find' the loo followed by a perfectly understandable desire to re-leave an overfull bladder!! Happened in a shop once... I never bother to say anything and just try to get her into a shower... First time on a carpet however - I was going to buy a new one for that room - now I am not so sure..

Anyway long post but I think I am saying it maybe goes with the territory!




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Feb 17, 2006
Thanks Michael

I do hope so as

Not going into much detail, have had 2 misses with the bottle trying to get mum urine :eek: :mad: :)


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May 10, 2006
you do gotta laugh sometimes!!

oh my dear--trying to wee into sample bottles is hard enough when you are doing it yourself isn't it! If you can stand the thought of wee going into a measuring cup perhaps your mum might get a laugh herself of weeing into a bigger container and then you can fill the little bottle from there. I used a glass pint jug for my MIL and then put bleach in to it while washing it out but still couldn't bring myself to use it for cooking after that!!! Much love and may the pee be with you. XX Sue


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Feb 17, 2006
Much love and may the pee be with you.
Need that :) as I

ROTFL tear of laughter comeing down my eyes & daughter asking me what am I laughing at so I show her ..... Good idea shall try that measuring cup

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