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Mum says she doesn't recognise her house?


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Aug 8, 2013
Hi All

Mum has alzheimers and carers mon - fri to do meals.

Im back again as things have moved on again with my mum. For the past couple of weeks she has said that in the evening she doesn't recognise her house and feels she is in somebodys else's house. She told me last night that she went outside and was trying to get into her neighbours house - don't know if this was a dream, hallucination or true. I have contacted mums neighbour and she has said mum has never done this so I am not sure what is happening.

Mum is on no meds except thyroxin.

Social services are involved but only to revue her DP and mental health team have closed her case as she's not on any meds for alzheimers!

Help? Any ideas?


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Dec 29, 2013
Can you or another family member spend a couple of nights at her house? It sounds as though she is sundowning and is getting confused, which can lead to really dangerous behaviour, like wandering at night (particularly in this weather). I think you might get a better sense of the situation if you were able to spend a couple of nights and see for yourself what's going on.

She sounds a lot like how my father in law was this summer. He has always sundowned pretty badly, and this summer started getting scared and freaked out about the house. Things seemed to get calmer for a while, but then much worse this winter. One of the neighbour's saw him out in the street at 4:30AM, completely disoriented, and that's when we knew he needed residential care.

Grannie G

Volunteer Moderator
Apr 3, 2006
My mother also got to this stage.

She was taxied back from day care and we arrived from work, almost following the mini bus into her avenue. She was standing in the doorway, having opened the front door with her own key and asked us why she had been brought there. When I told her she had been brought home, she asked `What home? `it was then we knew she wasn`t safe to be on her own.


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Jul 21, 2015
As has been said you need to spend a couple of nights with her. On her own could be very vulnerable. My OH packs a random selection of thing ever night to go home . Tonight they were stuffed in a pillow case pillow still in. I have to lock all the doors and hide keys or he's off. Hes still fully clothed on the bed but going to see his mum who has been dead for 25 years.Your Mums behaviour isn't unusual but I think stressful for her. Stay over and see for yourself, then you can make decisions.