mum out of hospital


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Jun 18, 2006

I only post on here when I have a problem, I don't mean to be ungrateful and do read all the replies which in the past have helped a lot.

Mum has just come out of hospital after 4 weeks, she was taken in with severe dehydration, which I'm ashamed to say neither my Dad nor I noticed. We put it all down to AD.

Anyway, she's home now and a lot better. When she was in hospital they increased her dose of Aricept from 1 a day to 2 a day. This seems to have made an improvement. Anybody else heard of this or are are my Dad and I imagining things?

Thanks again.


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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Taylorcat,
No rules on here about when and why people post - we are just pleased to hear from you. I don't see why you should be imagining an improvement, sounds as though mum has only been on a low dose. No need to feel shame about the dehydration - at times it is difficult to monitor how much is being drunk, and I think it often takes an incident for us to realise how important it us that we as carers keep giving fluids.
Love Helen


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Mar 7, 2004
Hello taylorcat, Aricept is usually administered once a day.

However if mum was on the 5mg dose, and the hospital has increased it to 10mg(highest dosage) it is possible that she is being given 10mg in split dosage.

Hope she continues to improve.