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Mum Now Seriously Ill in Hospital


Registered User
Aug 25, 2003
gravesend, kent
My mum was in care for just 2 weeks, when on New Years Eve she wouldn't get out of bed and was rambling and incoherent. Our gp was called and she was admitted to hospital apparently suffering from dehydration. She was put on a drip and up until last Sunday, was wearing an oxygen mask as she gets to panicky but was sitting in a chair by the bed. She had not been eating or drinking well at the home and her mobility had really gone down hill. Dad left her after visiting Sunday only to get a call in the evening to say her condition had worsened and could we go up. It now turns out that she has had a blood clot in her leg which has gone to her lungs. She is not expected to pull through. We were told yesterday that the next 24/48 hours will tell. She is flat out on bed hooked up to machines with oxygen mask, tossing and turning and struggling to breath. We had been told before this happened that she probably would not be able to go back to the original home but would need a nursing home as she can do so little for herself now, having deteriorated so much these last couple of months. So now we are just waiting to see what happens, hoping in many ways that the end does come because she has no future to look forward to which seems an awful way of looking at it, but she just hasn't. Maybe this is natures way of intervening before the alzheimers got really severe. I will keep you all posted and thank you all for being there.


Volunteer Moderator
Aug 31, 2003
Thinking of you and wishing you all the best in the circumstances.



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Dec 29, 2003
mum seriously ill in hospital

Hi Alison,

So sorry to hear your news , I wish I could find the words to say more. Just wanted to you to know I'm thinking of you & your family .Try to stay strong & as you said we are hear if you need to talk.

Take care



Registered User
Oct 23, 2003
West Sussex
mum in hospital

Thinking of you Alison, try to be brave, I think you are right in what you say so don't feel bad about that. Just leave it up to nature to do what is right. Your mum knows you love her even if she can't tell you herself any more, you prove it by being there and by what you say here.

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