mum now in care


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Aug 25, 2003
gravesend, kent
Many thanks to all of your postings in reply to mine, particularly gypsy who seemed to be in a similar position to me. Mum has been in a very local emi care home for nearly 2 weeks now. It is an awful place, with many of the residents slumped over the table or in chairs. We go and visit and invariably mum is sitting on her own. All the carers are wonderful and so friendly. It only takes my dad 15 minutes to get there and me 10 minutes, neither of us drive. The main problems are that she isnt so far gone as alot of them and all she keeps on about when we visit is when am I going home, you will come with me won't you, we won't be here long will we? Like a parrot! My Dad still gets irritated with her. Her speech is abit vague sometmies and he says things like "don't sit there with your mouth open eileen, talk properly". He also still expects her to be able to tell him whether she slept the night before or not. I know after all the accidents and injuries that went on at home, that she couldn't possibly go home, it is still very hard to see her with all these people in such a state, she even looks at them as if to say "whats up with him". Her mobility is also very bad, she gets in a real panic if she is helped to walk along. We don't want to resort to a wheel chair yet and I think I will get our gp to have a look at her to see if any physio might help or if it is just part of the disease. I can't see us getting her home or even out for a day as she gets in such a flap. Maybe it is early days. We tell her she has to eat her food and get stronger and then she can come home. I wish you all as good a new year as possible and thank you all so much for responding to me. We all have our own sad stories to tell.