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Mum needs help and my hands are tied.


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Dec 15, 2012
hi @Alora
the electrics at your mother's house appear to have been causing problems for years

if the kettle is tripping the electrics, why not buy your mum a new one for Christmas ... make sure it has boil dry protection, as that may be the problem (so also one that she cannot leave off the lid), and maybe glass/see through so it's very easy to judge how much water is in it ... or a hotcup water dispenser which doesn't need lifting and tipping

if she isn't heating food, leave pre-prepared cold platters for her with lots of high calorie foods eg pork pie, scotch egg, pasta salads, potato salads ... if you cannot visit often to leave such meals maybe your brother could order them for her, or at least the ingredients for you to make up a platter ... of course more hot meals would be preferable

if you can't find someone to just clear the kitchen, hire a cleaner and ask for this to be the first job done, then have the cleaner try to do a few more chores, whatever is priority (they could ask to use the bathroom and instead do a swift clean up)