mum just dianosed


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Oct 6, 2005
can someone help me mum just dianosed with dementia given course of sodium valproate does this help


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Aug 9, 2005
Hi Jani,
Just wanted to give you a {{{hug}}} and say I'm thinking of you. This is a tough time for you. I'm sure others will be able to help with your question - I don't know. Keep visiting here - it is very supportive.
Take care,


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Sep 26, 2005
Hi Jani,
Guess you are pacing the floor after being given the diagnosis. Have a look at the info pages on this site. Sorry I don't know how to put a link address into this reply.

Sodium valproate is often used as a mood stabiliser, especially if agitation or anxiety are a problem. It is not an anti-dementia drug so doesn't stop the memory problems but if Mum feels more relaxed and settled in herself she has a better chance of coping with other symptoms. There should be a leaflet in every box of tablets, if you don't have one its worth asking the chemist if he has one you could have. (Don't panic when you read the leaflet these tablets have other uses too)

As Nell suggests, keep coming back here - you'll find plenty of support.



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Jul 15, 2005
Hi Jani,
Welcome to TP. This is a life line to help and friendship. So sorry about your Mum. My Mom has AD and I know how it hurts. Take care and come back often.



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Jun 3, 2005
Hi Jani, welcome to the best helpline going

Everyone here is approaching, going through, or already gone through where you are right now. Quite apart from the genuine sympathy and real understanding you'll find here, there are several people here (sadly not me yet) who are a real mine of practical information. If they don't know an answer, they'll direct you to somewhere that you can find it.
Doctors are only human and not perfect, but very often the answer may be "Go & talk to your GP", and/or use the resources he/she can put you in touch with. You are not going to have to cope with this alone, but you must ALLOW other people (nurses, social services etc.) to work with you; don't struggle on alone until you become ill with the strain & worry. Who will look after your Mum if that happens? So don't let it happen. Looking after yourself is important too.

Best wishes from another daughter looking after Mum


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Aug 31, 2005
Really interested in Sodium Vaporate and if it works as mom's main problems at the moment are agitation and low mood. Do you know if we could ask or even demand that mom is tried on this. At the moment she is only on Venlafaxine as the Aricept was stopped because her consultant at the time felt that this might stop mom crying as she would deteriorate and forget to be so sad. This hasn't been the case and we would welcome anything that would lighten her mood even for just a short time.



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Oct 6, 2005
keeping calm

thankyou to everyone you sent a reply
really trying to keep calm i know its early but there are so many questions
my mum swop's beds in the night and often ends up on the sofa saying the beds are lumpy shes had a new bed so i know its good she picked it !!!

she,s obsessed somebody comes in her home never see,s them in there but say,s they've been in, is all this just part and parcel of memory loss god i hate the word dementia

what happens over time does anyone follow the same track how long till its really bad how long can someone live on their own

i know i proberly ask to many questions and a little info can be dangerous but will someone put me out of my misery



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Jun 2, 2005
Los Angeles, USA
Hi Jani,

You can find material on "typical" stages of dementia in the factsheets, but no two people are quite alike, and different people progress in different ways, at different rates, with different types of symptoms. (Lot a help that is, innit? :confused: )

One thing I've seen in my mom and heard is typical, is the dementia may proceed by fits and starts. She might go downhill pretty fast for a while, then level off and stay about the same for a while.

As to when she can't live on her own, it's generally when she's not safe any more. That will be a (probably difficult) judgement call. Most of us do stupid things (get lost driving, leave the kettle on, forget to lock the house when we leave) once in a while. One instance does not mean your mom needs full-time care. But when these kind of things get frequent, or she is driving you (or the neighbors or landlord or other relatives) crazy with panic calls, etc., it's time to do something.

Hang in there. Sometimes the early stages, when things are changing and everyone especially the patient are fighting it, can be worse than later on.


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