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Mum is now staying put


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Mar 9, 2015
Last week my mum was moving out and going home, now she has decided she is moving in! She has cleaned out the airing cupboard (its that womans' stuff and not hers) emptied the larder cupboard,moved most of the kitchen items, kettle, teapot etc, taken down all ornaments, pictures and photos, and has now started to put them back. She has made an absolute mess everywhere. Black bin bags hide all sorts of books, clothes and papers and I have taken rubbish bags home to check whats in them. She seems less anxious although not eating or drinking much as she is too busy. She thinks her home is quite nice and will be better once she has everything in its place, and of course she has lived there before! I am never sure what I am going to walk into next but I am thankful that she is not moving out. I have bought her new towels, bedding ( some of which have been taken by that man down the road) and new cushions. Her urine sample has at last been done and with the GP. Is this a normal pattern and will she settle?


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Nov 9, 2013
Sadly, as many will tell you this quite common, hopefully it will pass.....but how long. Good that urine is being checked for infection. Hang in there.


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Oct 19, 2009
These "phases" are so very wearying, aren't they? And as much as you long for the phase to end - once it does, and another phase begins, you start wondering if you weren't better off with the last phase, don't you?! But as you say - at least she's not moving out (at the moment!). Perhaps you could re-introduce some of her things gradually?


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Jun 27, 2006
Do please bear in mind that while a UTI can be the frequent cause for this sort of behaviour, any infection (e.g. the common cold) or even constipation (yes really) can be the reason for this sort of downturn. So it may not be an UTI but it could be another treatable (or recoverable from) illness.