Mum is getting better.


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Nov 7, 2004
Hi again - yes it's me the pain!!!!

Sorry for all the threads, but seen mum this morning. She doesn't look pasty anymore and seemed quiet bright eyed. She was a bit weepy and cried a bit but she held my hand and pressed it as I was leaving, which once again made me upset a little.

Apart from that she looks quite well. As more time passes the better she'll become.

Fright over for the time being I think. Going to see the doctor who visited her tomorrow to get the full update of what happened and what the future is going to be like for her.

Hope you have/had a good day with your loved one any many more of them to come.

Once again thanks for ALL you kind thoughts and prayers.

I'd buy you all a pint or your favourite drink as a thank you.

God bless.