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mum is 50 / 50


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Apr 27, 2014
Hello. Well mum has been in hospital now for nearly 7 weeks. She is finally infection free, the diabetes is under control and the leg ulcer is improving- but- she thinks its 1999! She is so confused. When u go and see her she goes on about where she has been, who shes seen and always about tickets for trains, boats or planes!
It has been decided she will go to intermediate care to see if she improves at all. If she shows signs of improvement they will keep working with her with the view of sending her home. If she doesnt they are about a care home. I know we have to do what is best and safest for mum but we really want her to see home and her two cats again.
We are thinking of taking her home a couple of times for a fee hours to spend time there but are not sure if this would make her more upset?
Also if she had to go into care the social worker said to keep mums council flat incase she still does improve.
Has anyone any thoughtd on whether we take her home or not and do we keep the flat for a while incase?
Thanks as always for any advise.


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Jul 21, 2015
"We really want her to see home and her two cats again". You are looking at this with your fully functioning mind and no doubt how your mother would have thought when she had full capacity. All II can say is when my mum went into a hospital and then into a home she never once asked about her home that she and dad built and lived in for 45 years, we kept it going until she died 12 years later because we were attached to it with all the childhood memories we had. I would say no don't take her back or mention the cats it may disturb her and distress her too much.If she is settled leave it that way.You would be doing it as you think it would be nice for her but it would appear she is not thinking of them at all.

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