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mum in wrong care environment what can I do??

marilyn speight

Registered User
Jun 13, 2015
My mum entered a care home in January after being diagnosed with Alzheimers - mum is very aware of everything but the care home deemed that she was "unsafe" and would need to be moved to the EMI unit - she was moved there last week and I am absolutely devastated as all the ladies on mums unit are much much further advanced in dementia than she is - mum is able to sit and chat but the other ladies simply wander around aimlessly - mum is now becoming a recluse in her room and the management seem unwilling to help??? Does anyone have any suggestions to help me please???


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Do you know why the previous CH deemed her unsafe?
I am wondering if she was going walkabout and this is why an EMI unit - which is locked - was suggested. Mum had to go into an EMI unit as she kept going out and getting lost and she wasnt safe.
Having said that - it is a shame that she is spending so much time in her room. Would it be a good idea to check out other dementia units to try and find one with more things going on, activities etc which may get her interest?


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Jul 30, 2013
I have exactly same problem with my mum as she was put into EMI nursing when she should have been EMI residential. She is now in third care home in four weeks (plus two short hospital stays during this time) so no wonder she is confused and doesnt know what the hell is happening. Its a crazy situation and people who have dementia are the ones suffering. Animals get treated better!


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Oct 18, 2013
British Isles
Marilyn - is this EMI unit in the same building as a "normal" residential unit? If so, propose that your mum join in the activities in the "normal" unit and ask that this be put in her care plan.

Are there any activities in the EMI unit? If not, challenge them and ask why not. I bet they have "mission statements" or "objectives" about catering for peoples social well-being etc. Did SS place your mum in this home or is she self-funding?

If management is being unhelpful ask for their complaints procedure and start submitting one. I imagine that complaints are looked at as part of the home's CQC reviews so they will want to be seen to have dealt properly with the issue.

Sadly, although your mum's dementia currently seems less advanced than the other residents in the unit this could quickly change.

Best wishes, hope your mum's situation improves soon.

Cloggerjack - your poor mum! Do hope that she is finally in a good care home that will meet her needs and that she will settle in well.


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Feb 24, 2009
I had something like that with my Mum - they wanted to move her into a more advanced unit because she was wondering at night and they said she was a danger to herself. Maybe this is the case with your Mum? In our case the problem solved itself because my Mums arthritis got worse which meant moving round became more difficult. I sometimes think homes are covering their backs on health and safety issues, when maybe a work around might be better.
Does seem very cruel moving her into a more advanced unit though if she is cognitively more able. I'd try to pin them down on their rationale