Mum has died


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Jun 22, 2005
N Wales
Mum died suddenly on Sunday. She collapsed in her nursing home & was
taken by ambulance to Glan Clwyd hospital near Rhyl, with one of her carers.
After I had waited in accident & emergency for half an hour or so I was
taken to a private room to be told that she had died.
The coroner rang today to say she'd had a heart attack....coroner involved as
it was a sudden death & she had last been seen by her GP over two weeks
ago. He had wanted to stop mum's Aricept but my sister had persuaded him not
to. He did however stop her daily injections for a clot she had on her abdomen...
she had been having these for six months.
Mum was diagnosed with AD in 2001, although we knew she hadn't been quite
'right' for a couple of years before that.
Reading the sympathy cards from family & friends brings me to tears.
Mum was 84.

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Dear asaltydog,

I was so sorry to hear of the death of your mother. Please accept my deepest sympathy and sincere condolences.

Be assured that TP is still here should you need to share your grief.

Take care, Sylvia x


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Apr 30, 2006
Hi there asaltydog
I really feel for own mum died in hospital on Monday night....
i am now starting to get a few sympathy cards through....and yes they make me cry too but they give me a lot of comfort too....
This is an awful time......but we will get through .....our mums wouldn't want us to be in bits....but we do have to grieve.....
Take comfort that your mum has won the battle and is truly at peace now
Take care of yourself and take time to heal
Love Wendy xx


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Hello asaltydog

So sorry to hear that your Mum has died. I can understand your distress that it was so sudden, but it may be a blessing in disguise. The heart attack means that she (and you) will be spared the distress of the final stages of AD.

You probably won't be able to see it like that at the moment, but it may help you later.

You may also treasure the sympathy cards later, they show that your Mum was loved.



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Nov 28, 2005
My deepest sympathies to you. What a shock this has been for you but you must have comfort in knowing you have done everything you can and your Mum is now at peace. God Bless and Best Wishes. Beckyjan


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Feb 17, 2006
I am so sorry to hear about your mother sudden death , it does put you in shock when it happen like that as my father died from a Heat attract and we did not expect it . (((hugs)))


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Mar 13, 2006
just wanted to add my sincere sympathy on the loss of your mum
take care


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Apr 19, 2006
Dear Wendy and Asaltydog,
My heart goes out to both of you, I lost Mum and Dad last year so I do know what you are going through. I still read the card I was sent and it still brings me to tears.
Love to you both

Sweet Pea

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Dec 20, 2006
North Yorkshire

My Dad died just before Christmas, so the Christmas cards were replaced with condolence cards. My Mum was over-whelmed with them, and has now got a special box to store them all in. So many people penned kind words of sympathy and support, and they weren't necessarily close friends, some we didn't really know that well. I have always thought that if I didn't know someone very well then it would not be 'my place' (sorry I didn't word that particulary well!) to offer sympathy. But knowing what I know now, I will start sending cards, and if possible go out of my way to offer verbal condolences-because it does make a big difference at such a sad time.

So may I offer my sincere condolences to you and your family

Take care of each other at this time

Sweet Pea x


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May 20, 2004
My thoughts are with you and your family. The cards are hard to read but contain some wonderful words. We still have an exert from one with a photo of Dad.

The loss of Aunty quite suddely before Christmas co-incided with listening to a new CD I had been given by Angelis. There is one particular track which I had played at her funeral which contains these words:

Words, Words are not enough
For me to say how much I miss you
You, flew away too soon
I feel so alone not with you

But when I close my eyes
Every night
I hear your voice like an angel
And you're here again by my side
I swear I hear your words
They sing through me
And I'm back where I belong
You are here even though you are gone

(Verse 2)
You're here, everywhere I go
Deep inside my heart forever
And one, one sweet day I know
We will be back together

It still brings tears but also some comfort.