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Mum has been moved to mental health unit from CH


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Mar 19, 2013

It's along time since I've written, I'd smugly sat back while mum moved into a care home 18 months ago and seemed really happy, I had to move dad in as well as he had Parkinson's, so visiting became easier as they were both together. Mum & Dad are both in their late 70's so not that old, but mum is very physical, she likes to keep busy, walks around, never sleeps. She has late stages of dementia, she doesn't know who I am or my dad, her words are letter soup, she can't talk in words, but uses body language really well, but does manage thank you, pardon etc.

So what's my problem I hear you ask!

Well she hates being dressed and washed so she tries to push the staff away, so they called in mental health. After 6 weeks of observations they decided the home was not right for mum and her needs were not being met. So she's been admitted to a mental health unit. They want her to stay so they can asses her needs, that's good as know ones really done this. Then suggest which home she should live, so her needs can be meet.

The move went well and mum seems quiet happy, wondering around and helping people. I'm concerned that a home will not be found that is suitable and she ends up there too long. Has anyone else had this experience?


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Jul 14, 2006
My husband was admitted to an assessment unit from home. He spent 9 weeks there and from there went into a nursing home specialising in challenging behaviour. As a family we were sorry he had to move from the assessment unit.

They had done everything that was needed, he had all the medical team and mental health team involved in his care and he was in a so much better place regarding his Alzheimers. They originally thought that EMI nursing was right but then upped it to challenging behaviour with 1:1 care.