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Moving to a different County - does SS Funding follow?


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Jan 28, 2013
South Coast
Well, Hello TP Community - after a long break away! I have been so much occupied one way and another that I haven't posted for ages.... but here I am inevitably with a query.
My wife has been resident in a Care Home in Hampshire for just over a year. I am very happy with the Care - and funding has finally recently been agreed from Social Services with Top-up from me. For family reasons (I am in need of greater support) I would like to move both of us to Worcestershire.
My initial enquiries to Hants met with the response that they won't transfer her funding with her - and Worcs indicate that as this would be my decision they will not pick up any of the funding! I made it clear to Hants that I would not expect them to increase the funding - just carry on and I would pick up any extra Top-up needed.
Has anyone please got any recent experience of moving county /funding?


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May 21, 2014
That's weird. I distinctly remember my social worker telling me that I could place my OH in a home anywhere in the country, and they, the original county, would still be responsible for him. I never had to test this theory though!


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Apr 6, 2011
North Manchester
. I distinctly remember my social worker telling me that I could place my OH in a home anywhere in the country, and they, the original county, would still be responsible for him.
This case is different, the OP's wife is voluntary changing her residence to a different LA .
I suspect it will be a case of start again with the new LA.


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Jan 28, 2011
We moved my mum to a different LA, so she'd be closer to us. Her original L.A. carried on funding.
We were lucky, the original L.A. paid less than the one we moved mum to ( around £50 a month light) but the new CH accepted her anyway, without top up.
Good luck.
Lin x


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Jun 27, 2018
I moved my Mum from Oxfordshire to Herefordshire about 18 months ago. I was told by hospital that Oxfordshire Health Authority would be responsible for her care. Mum moved from hospital in Oxford to our local community hospital & then to my house, she needed carers 2x4 daily. In fact Herefordshire Council have funded all Mum's care and now funded her recent move to care home. I don't know if this is the case if person is already in a care home however?


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Jan 22, 2016
I have no advise on this, but what a terrible situation to be in for you both. Isn't it always the case that the carer/partner is never considered in these decisions! All due to finance!

We are all encouraged to visit the GP for anything that may shorten our lives, including dementia. But as soon as dementia kicks in, it's all about saving money, and vulnerable PWD's need someone to fight their corner, because they cannot always do it for themselves! It makes no sense to me. And I don't want to get started on the lack of support for carers because I would go on all night. I do hope you manage the necessary move without too much red tape. Apologies for my rant, I wish you all the best.


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Jan 28, 2013
South Coast
Well thanks very much everyone - though please keep those stories / experiences coming!
I've been struggling with with the AD dilemmas for 10 years+ - and was totally gutted when the Care Home situation became inevitable in July 17. But still it goes on... and on... and on... and every deterioration becomes no easier to bear. Which is why I wanted to move us....


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May 27, 2016
This is an important issue. It the carer cannot move to be nearer family the carer could deteriorate.
He could end up in care!
Then there is an border issue, the nearest hospital, care homes are sometimes just over the border. Some borders are virtually the other side of a road!
There again it is about saving a carer, and there saving care home fees.
We really need a National right not down to the whim of a county v another county.
It is a mad world.