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moving mum from dementia to nursing section


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May 26, 2015
Hello every one on TP

Went to see mum on Friday with my sister and while we were there the manager came to see us. They thought it would be a good idea to move mum from the dementia ward of the NH up to the top floor were it is very quite and nursing only. We were taken to see the room which is lovely in fact the whole NH is just the very best we could hope for. So we agreed that it would be good for mum as some of the residents through no fault of theirs keep walking into her room. We were also asked if we could take all of mums clothes home as she has been in bed for the last year and really will not need them again as it would make it easier for the move. So on Saturday I returned to clear out her wardrobe explaining that I was going to help move every thing up to her new room and told her all about it even though she can no longer speak to us in more than one or two words. While I was there she let out a little scream.noise so when i asked if she was in pain she said yes as clear as anything. I called for one of the nurses who went to get a stronger morphine patch for her. In the mean time while we waited for the nurse to come back one of carers came in and said that end of life is painful and the nurse would be with us soon. What i am really getting at is this we know mum hardly eats anything just jelly /porridge /cream shots and milk shakes. Losing weight probably only weighs a few stone but i was unaware that we had reached end of life stage. My question is do you think they are moving her to allow us and mum some peace and quite to make that final journey. When i ask them if it is close to the end no one will give me a straight answer. Sorry I seem to have gone on for ages but sometimes it helps to get it all down and here back from other people going through the same things as me. Thank you for reading this and my thought and love to you all and your loved ones.


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Jul 14, 2006
End of life seems to be a very open statement. Just under two years ago we were told my husband was end of life and for a couple of months we sat with him and despite the end of life prognosis he rallied.

Good Friday this year again end of life with medication in place in case of pain or distress. He returned from hospital at 11pm and he passed away very peacefully just before 1.30am on Easter Saturday, less than three hours later.

It just seems that a certain point is reached but like other points in the journey it is unpredictable and we wait. I hope that your Mum remains comfortable and I am sure a move to a quieter part of the nursing home will benefit you all, I know it did us.
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Mar 1, 2013
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I'd have been having words about the carer with a someone higher up

End of life ISN'T ( Or shouldn't be) painful. If it is , it isn't being properly managed.

and secondly

What a dreadful thing to say in front of your mum ( If she did)