Moving into a nursing home


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Feb 20, 2004
My Mum is 80yrs old and she is having to be moved to a 'nursing' home as the previous 'care' home can not care for my mums deteriorating Alzheimers. It was hard to settle her into the 1st home and I am worried how she will settle into a new nursing home. Has anyone any ideas how to make the move as easy as possible?. Is it best to visit often at first or to let people settle in on their own ?. Will sending cards & letters addressed to them at the new address make people feel 'at home' so to speak?.

Any suggestions are very welcome!

Thank you


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May 28, 2003
Im my experiences, the first move to a care home is the worst, and I would expect that your Mum would settle much sooner in the new home. I wonder also if the fact that she now qualifies for nursing care may mean that the transition will be less obvious to her now too.
As for you second question - Ive never thought about that, and I'm quite sure that your suggestion is certanly worth putting into practise.
Generally, we recomend that you do not visit too often in during the first few weeks. Our loved ones have a tendancy to realise that you are leaving them, when you do go, and that can cause undue upset.
It really does depend on your Mum - I would suggest, again generally, that a person with dementia is not accompanied during transportation by a loved one to their new home, but their are many people who feel more secure when they are with another family member.
Good luck with your move.