Moving forward.


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Dec 26, 2003
Hi there.
I recently wrote about my mother's diagnosis and rapid decline in the 'Care' and 'Can you help me' threads. The social worker, and my mother's consultant both have been extremely helpful, and I realise, having read some old postings, that in this we are very fortunate. My mother goes in for respite care on Monday, and as she is a very high priority, there is a strong possibility that the unit might have a place for her straight afterwards. I am now going through the pain of 'abandoning' my mum. I thank all of you out there who have gone through the same thing and have been kind enough to write to me with words of understanding and support. I really do take comfort from the correspondance and it is helping me to take one step at a time.

I feel that my thought processes are a bit like treacle just now, and I would appreciate some advice on what questions to ask of the care home. I have been putting all my energy into surviving until the respite came up. At the moment I do not know how the care is structured, how much company will mum have during the day, how will she find her way around as she is visually impaired, can she have her favourite coffee and marmalade if I take them in for her. I feel that I am acting like a mother leaving her child at school for the first time, but with less input into the situation.
Should I be involved in putting together a care package for my mum. Will I be offered this opportunity. or do I have to ask. Any advice will be very much appreciated.

Thank you again for listening. Ruth in Nottingham