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Moving care home


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Mar 17, 2015
My mum is only 75 and was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 8 years ago. I cared for her for 3 years until it became too much so she has been in residential care home for the past 2 years,
She has been really settled and happy there, however in the past 3 months she has severely declined, she talks to her own reflection in the mirror, rants and swears and shouts at the male residents and has challenging behaviour.
Mum was assessed by a mental health doctor who prescribed 50mg of sertraline which didn’t do much, so increased this to 100mg just last week. The doctor told me they would need to see if works in 6-8 weeks. My mum is self funding, however I’ve been in touch with social services for a CHC assessment. I spoke to the social worker yesterday and she said the can’t do a proper assessment until they know the medication is or isn’t working. The care home manager rang me yesterday and said I need to find somewhere else for mum with an EMI unit as its got to the stage where they can’t give my mum the one to one care she needs. She said I don’t need to consult social services (when I mentioned I’d spoken to this particular social worker the care home manager showed an obvious disliking for her) and it’s up to me to move mum.
I just don’t know what to do, do I contact the social worker again? Should I just find elsewhere? What happens moving mum during covid, do the staff move her or me? Any advice would be so appreciated. I’m worried sick.


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Mar 25, 2016
Hello @MaggieBetsie Sorry to hear about your situation but if the care home manager has decided that the home can no longer meet your Mum's needs then it will be better for your Mum to be in an environment that can. With regards the CHC assessment, is usually best to wait to conduct the assessment when the individual is at their 'baseline', plus there is a backlog of assessments due to the covid situation, so its unlikely that a CHC assessment would take place prior to your Mum moving.

As she is self funding then social services do not need to be involved, although it may be useful to speak the social worker to explain the situation and ask if they are able to provide you with a list of suitable homes in the area that could meet your mum's needs. The website below is also a good starting point for identifying homes in your area and the type of care they provide too. Some homes may not be admitting new residents at the moment so you will need to ring them to check. When speaking to care home managers make sure that you let them know exactly the type of behaviour that your mum is displaying at the moment - you don't want to have to move her again if the new home decides that they also can't cope, although they should carry out their own assessment and speak to the current care home manager too. With regards to the logistics of moving, when my Mum had to change homes I organised this myself, but speak to both the existing home and the new home to see what they suggest as they may be able to provide transport, or point you in the direction of a suitable company who could transport your mum safely. The covid restrictions will not prevent your mum from moving to a new home but she may have to have a covid test before the new home will admit her plus remain in isolation for a time when she arrives there - the new care home manager will be able to advise. Hope this helps, and keep posting if you have any more queries as you'll get a lot of help and support here.



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May 21, 2018
Hello @MaggieBetsie

I'm sorry to hear about your mum but I see that @Louise7 has already given you good advice and a link the the very useful carehome search site. I used this when I had to move my own mum for the same reasons and, as mum was self funding, did not involve Social Services. It is a very stressful situation for you so do keep posting and we'll help you along as much as we can.

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