movement sensors and advice needed


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Feb 28, 2005
west mids
I have reached the end of the road with community care and my mum primarily because she doesnt recognise home as home anymore and keeps trying to get back to her house of 45 yrs ago.
I met with her social worker and CPN team today who agree with me asnd think the time has come to look for residential care.
I will have to sell mums house to fund her care and in view of this fact, was informed that her case has to go before a "panel" who will make the decision ultimately.
Im gobsmacked that this is the case , when all parties agree that she is now too vulnerable to live alone. The social worker seemed vague when I asked who the "panel" are, and on what criteria their decision is based.
I was then told that this panel meet once a month and mums case will not be heard till mid Feb , and that even then, our application may be declined .
I have been offered movement sensors in the meantime!
Can I ask if anyone has experience of the panel process and who and what it entails , and any comments on the movement sensors would be much appreciated.
THanks Ally xx

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Mar 14, 2006
NW England
Hi Ally

Sorry I can't be of much help - except to say that I empathise as I worry with mum being on her own (and such an apparent steep decline in a matter of months) that the 'residential home' route will come sooner rather than later just because of her personal security and safety (I cannot be there 24/7 - and 'locking her in' is no option:( ) when on many other levels she seems a million miles away from losing her total independence.....

One nurse assured me dementia sufferers can be 'kept' in their own homes with 24/7 carers calling - including 'sleep-ins' - but doesn't that erode independence anyway? (If you click on 'search' and 'sensors' I know this has been raised before') ... I wonder at what point mum has to become a 'guarded prisoner' in her own home ... ???? Is that what it's about?

Sorry, probably not much help ... 'cept I just feel for you.....

Love, Karen,


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Feb 28, 2005
west mids
Thanks Karen,
I have resisted the "lock in" so far, because Im sure it will add to mums anxiety. Fortunately she has a brilliant neighbour who mum heads for when she leaves the house, and will settle her back at home before contacting me.Trying to hold down a hugely responsible job and managing mum is just killing me at the moment .Lets hope the panel, who ever they are dont take too long to reach a decision in our favour.
THanks again, and lots of love to you Ally x

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