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    Hi all, my mums condition has deteriorated and the home she is in can't meet her needs. She has been deemed suitable for an assessment for funding, this only happens last week, the local authority are paying for one to one care in the home she is in at the moment due to the above. . The social worker is putting pressure in me to find her something quickly due to them paying for one to one. I work full time so can only look at prospective homes in the evening. I have looked at five EMI nursing homes and the two I thiught suitable have no beds. I have another three to look at over the weekend

    The social worker said the multi disciplinary meeting will not be held until my mum is settled in a home. How will in know how much I have to spend on her care if that's the case? I know I am allowed five hundred a week but they are mostly more expensive. I am told she may be entitled to continuing care funding.

    Can they rush me into putting into somewhere I don't like?

    Thanks for any support.
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    Hello Lorraine. Sorry I can't give you any answers to your questions. What I can do is tell you what happened in my situation.

    My mum was placed on a psychiatric ward, then sectioned, and we were finally told that she could never go back to her home. I found an EMI home I liked very quickly (within the space of a week), but my mum does not receive CHC, even though I thought the Act involved states that if you go into care from hospital, without being able to return home, the NHS should carry on paying for your care. The only way I could get my mum into the home I wanted was to pay a top-up fee. However, even if you're able to do that it doesn't seem to be straightforward. Our LA pays £450 towards the home, and we have a private arrangement with the care home to top this up by another £450. I don't know, but I think some homes won't accept the top-up situation because they have no way of knowing whether you will stop paying that once the person is settled there. If there's a suitable home you need to know what their private fees are, and whether the LA contribution would help you to afford them.

    The big problem seems to be, in the case of mental health problems, that the Social Services want the NHS to pay and the NHS want the Social Services to pay. The government bringing in the new Act seems only to work in enabling those in need of social care to be passed from pillar to post between the two institutions.

    I would say that definitely do not agree with your mum being moved from where she is until you find a home you're happy with, as it'll be you and your family visiting her there. I don't see how either the LA or the home your mum's in would ever be able to justify you being made to make such an important decision in a rush x
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    I would say no, they shouldn't be able to put you in this position. Anyway, what is the reason being given for having the MDT meeting only after moving home?! Surely it should be done before, and asap.

    I can see why social services are keen to get her into a home where they will not be having to pay for one to one care as they are now. However, if she were awarded CHC, they would no longer be paying anything (it would be the NHS taking over), so really they should be pushing for an early CHC assessment, at which they (along with you) can provide evidence of your mother's need for CHC. And the fact that she needs 1-1 care must surely count for a lot.

    I would have a talk with the social worker and try to get them to bring forward the MDT meeting.

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