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motorised chair and bobs agression


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Apr 26, 2006
he has got better lets me work it and dosent get so cross
asked about air cushion for my bum 150 pounds cant afford that so nurse at gps said she will fill in forms for occupational therapist to see me and get air cushion organised
i have asked for occupational therapist for me to be able to still care for bob weeks ago but they forget also councilling weeks ago no responce
had my mri scan today waited since january sat talking to lady who was before me she was woried about scan i tried to calm her down etc but she said she waited 4 weeks for her scan i said i have been waiting since january
it tells me all i am not fighting the corner for me i dont want to but i want to make it too our daughters wedding for her and bob
sorry bel x


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Nov 28, 2005
Dear Bel:

I do hope the OT can help. If it is not forthcoming keep shouting and pushing because you deserve all the help you can get.

Wish we could all do more. Please keep letting us know how things are going.

Love Jan


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Apr 26, 2006
ot eventualy got a call today

air cushion for my chair no i have to buy it 150 pounds
i cant afford it
very little they can do can opener great what about bottles pulling on my pants fastening my bra opening bobs meds sorry to be crude whiping my bum
thank goodness bob can help bless him i have to guide him and it is hard but i would be lost without him and would be lost wthout me
am i getting it wrong am i not doing it right
some one must see bob is in need i am in need how can they give me 17 pounds a week to help me cope

i am appealing but it is long drawn out job that i dont need the fight is struggling love bel x