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Mothers old friend (gay and excessive drinker) - power abuse?


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Dec 31, 2010
Manchester UK
about 5 years ago one of my mums old school friends moved in with her as she had returned alone to the UK. All was fine, then my mother was diagnosed, the friend still lives there and gets on well with my mum, however i think she has always had a soft spot for my mother since their university days (she is gay my mother is not) she is also a hazardous drinker - my main concerns are - she is increasingly tactile to my mother and i wonder whether she is in her head now in a 'relationship' with my mother, her extreme drinking is a safety worry (my mother has gone out wandering a few times while the friend has been passed out) and the house / money - the friend is not well off and my mother is, but they have been living together for about 5 years now and im sure if asked the friend would say ' in a civil partnership' and my mother is no longer cognisant enough to deny it. i am not sure how to proceed? any advice much appreciated


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Jan 6, 2011
Have you got Power of Attorney over your mum? As your mum has a diagnosis is she still able to make decisions. If I was you I would ask your mum's friend outright what relationship she has with your mum. Its a difficult one as if your mums friend had been a man would you feel any different about the situation or is it the drinking that is a major concern. You could write to her gp if you think she is being taken advantage of.