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Mother's Day


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Dec 28, 2013
My friend said to me the other day that she was feeling a bit down and missing her mum who had died about 4 years ago. I asked her if there was any particular reason and she replied 'Well it's coming up to mother's day isn't it'

My mum didn't know it was Mothers Day today, she didn't know what day it was, yesterday she thought it was my wedding day (I'm celebrating 33 years soon) and that she'd missed it.

When I arrived this afternoon she was sitting alone on the edge of the bed looking at her garden out of the window. She had dinner stains all down her cardigan.

The dog had messed on the carpet - that's every day this week now. I gave her a card and a box of chocolates and went off into the kitchen for water and cloths to clean up the mess.

She opened the chocolates upside down and most of them fell out onto the dirty carpet! She wouldn't let me put them in the bin and put them back into the box whilst trying to wipe them with a tissue she had up her sleeve, then she offered me one!

She said she had ran out of cherries and I needed to go to the shops??

The tea-time carer arrived and asked if she wanted any dinner, mum said she hadn't been fed all day.

I tidied up, sorted her clean clothes from her dirty ones and put them back into the drawers that she had emptied.

I took the tea bags out of the freezer. I flushed the loo, sorted out her pads that were all over the floor, I took the After Eight Mints out of the dog's food bowl and then I hoovered.

I kissed her on the cheek and told her that I would pop in again before bedtime.

I haven't had a conversation with my mum since I don't know when and my thoughts turned to the comments made by my friend. I too am feeling down, I too am missing my mum and my mum hasn't died she just isn't here anymore.

Happy Mothers Day Mum with all my love as always xxxxxxxxxxx


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Dec 28, 2013
Thanks for the hugs

On my arrival today she was in the garden (sun downing) cold and totally disorientated. She was so relieved to see me. I got her indoors turned up the heating and began making a hot drink. "Have you been to my mam and dads?" She asked. I said I had and then talked about something else. I gave her tea and toast "have you seen my mam and dad they're alright aren't they they need to come and see me". I told her everyone had busy lives and showed her a school photo of my grandchildren. I went to wash up and she shouted through into the kitchen "have you seen my mam and dad lately?" I told her they were on holiday.

It's just awful, so awful. Everyone has stopped going now that she can't hold any kind of reasonable conversation. My own children don't visit anymore they can't deal with it my eldest gets really distressed as they were really close. My sisters children didn't visit often anyway but they haven't been in the house for over a year. I can't judge. What an existence. I don't know who needs the hugs more tonight - myself or my mum. Thanks for caring everyone just a bit low at the moment.


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Jul 29, 2013
North East
Elizabeth you are amazing. What a wonderful and loving daughter you are. The love lies are perfect, she still repeats the question but isn't upset by the answer. Big hugs to you as you are down at the moment. Xxxxx