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Mothers Day ideas...


Registered User
Feb 10, 2015
West London
Help! I have no idea what to buy mum for Mother's Day, bearing in mind mum is destructive and often either dismantles things or throws them out of the window or in the cat little box...and sometimes even hides stuff in her room where it becomes soiled...

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Emily M

Registered User
Jan 20, 2015
I had the same thought.

My mum used to love flowers, but seems to have lost interest in the last couple of months. In the end I still went for flowers, but a small bouquet that comes with chocolates. At least she will enjoy receiving the present and eat the chocolates even if she looses interest in the flowers. To beat the rush they are arriving in the next couple of days as she won't remember Sunday is Mother's Day!

If your mother likes food, then chocolates, nice biscuits or fruit might be an option.

Recently I bought my mum a lightweight jumper for the Spring. With blouses she struggles lining up all the buttons with the holes.

Good luck.


Registered User
Jan 16, 2014
Would she eat a cake? I remember my mum in law squeezing a chocolate cake between her fingers (and loving it) on her 90th birthday shortly before she died.

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