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Mother with mid/latestage dementia


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Apr 8, 2021
Hi my mam 87 went into nursing home yesterday, she has mid/ late stage vascular dementia, she is also blind and in a wheelchair with very little mobility, we told her she was going to convalese, my dad has been caring for her but it has started to affect his health too, when I rang her today she literally screamed at me down the phone as to why we left her there yesterday and said she wanted to come home that she would do whatever it takes, ie let carers in, which she has refused before, mam has been very bad the past few weeks memory wise and has been having a lot of hallucinations which don't frighten her, she was venomous today and threw the phone away while I was trying to talk to her, will she ever settle down? I can't understand how she was so lucid today after being extremely bad over the past few weeks , at her last appointment with geriatrician they recommended nursing home care.


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Jul 23, 2017
N Ireland
Hello @Gomo.

That must be very distressing for everyone. I have often read that people do settle, if given time, and it's often an idea to hold back on phoning to let that settling in occur.

Maybe a phone to the office at the Care Home would give you an update on your mam, without disturbing her as she settles.

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