Mother keeps forgetting her pin number

Discussion in 'Equipment and technology' started by lolopops, Mar 8, 2018.

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    Has anyone got any tips / advice? my mother has now got to the stage now where she keeps forgetting her pin number for her bank card. There was a huge incident before christmas when she forgot it and ultimately blocked her card in the shop causing her much embarrassment so we had lots of meetings with the bank to get her a new pin and then had to make sure she would remember this one and now she's forgotten it again. To stop any future stress and anxiety for her, has anyone got any advice on how to deal with this or what you did in this situation? the only thing I can think of is to just withdraw a set amount every single week to give her and she has to live on that. I thought telling her to try to use contactless in shops but I think that would really confuse her! she has already given up on her mobile phone as that's too much for her. Many thanks x
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    Feb 17, 2018
    This happened to my mum 7 years ago. It marked the beginning of the road to her diagnosis of vascular dementia. I got POA at that point and gave her a cash allowance every week to avoid her being taken advantage of. She couldn't work out how much change to give and was giving people a £20 note when they asked her for £3.00. She clearly didn't understand how money worked anymore and even more worryingly, didn't seem to register that there was a problem. She's still at home and we've managed to maintain her sense of independence! People are so kind and seem to work out that she needs help in the local shops. We are very lucky to live up the road and now have carers 3 X a day, a huge help. I got her a large button phone, so she just presses the button with my photo on it which goes to my mobile. TBH, it got easier, the more control I had over running her finances and house, but it's sad. I wish it wasn't so.
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    My dad is not able to use a cash point on his own so now I have to do it for him while he stands next to me. He can remember the pin though. In fact he can remember every number he has had in his life for anything. Car numbers, his NI number, phone numbers of everyone even mobile phone numbers. I can't I have to write them all down and he is the one with alzhiemers. He can't remember what he had for lunch yet he remembers all those useless numbers. Amazing.
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    What about a 'tap and go' card? We only use a debit card and keep a limited amount of money in that account so if it were to be stolen or lost, losses would be restricted to that amount. It's very easy to use and if she needed cash, she could get that at the supermarket.

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